Thursday, 7 March 2019

BREXIT: Say No to a Second Referendum, Say yes to an Election.

Philip Hammond is no friend of the people. The Telegraph have run an excellent story today discussing what a chancellor should be and what this chancellor is doing.

What he should be doing is advising the government on how to prepare for a no deal. Showing the EU that we're not afraid of moving to WTO rules, after all WTO countries have benefited from trade with the EU far more than we have. He should indeed return to our conservative roots, be the Champion of free trade.

I trust the government … will not resume the policy which they, and we have found most inconvenient, namely the haggling with foreign countries about reciprocal concessions, instead of taking that independent course which we believe to be conducive to our own interests … Let us trust that our example, with the proof of practical benefits we derive from it, will at no remote period insure the adoption of the principles on which we have acted … Let, therefore, our commerce be as free as our institutions. Let us proclaim commerce free, and nation after nation will follow our example. 

Sir Robert Peel 1846

Philip Hammond should be supporting the negotiation he should spell out that we could be come a low tax competitor, a supporter of global free trade.  He should show the EU that we are not afraid to go it alone, after all we are in better shape.  It would then be up to the EU to make the next move and offer a deal that keeps us on side.

Instead, Mr Hammond MP, doesn't see this as a fight for Britain he sees this as fight between Remainers and Brexiteers.  He sees Brexit as a disaster. He sees the cabinet split with Remainers having the upper hand. He has no concern for the people nor for his constituents who voted leave.

The issue here as the Telegraph point out that as Mrs May's majority had been slashed.  She had little room to punish Mr Hammond for his poor performance following his first budget debacle. Not only this relieves him to continue to undermine the referendum, it also sent a message to other members of her cabinet that she was weak and can not sack anyone, therefore anything goes.

I maintain, we need an election.  The MPs no longer (as if they ever did) act as our proxy, our representatives we need to clean house.

The EU is a failed project, the beneficiaries are the elite, the big corporations even the German people are the underpaid (over 10 years, since 2008 Germans have enjoyed a 13% increase, Finland 30%). They have not benefited from the swelling German Industry coffers.

I have also read recently that “Lady Nugee” nee Emily Thornberry, a lady who doesn't use her title as it makes her appear out of touch with the people, is advocating a second referendum with the question such that 1. Remain 2. Leave on May's deal. Does she really think we are so stupid.

  1. Overturns the referendum.
  2. Keeps us in the EU under the Customs Union in perpetuity.  Also, under article 4 keeps us under the ECJ even if we could break free. 

Her treachery to the electorate is beyond doubt. Her attitude to the electorate is contemptible.

If we are to secure our future we should fight participating in a second referendum if it has remain as an option or is on her terms. We should insist on a general election, after all 80% of us voted on manifestos that Brexit means Brexit!

The future is bright the world is in better shape collectively than the EU. According to PWC. No EU country will be in the top 5 economies as we move towards 2030. Some reports show that no EU country will appear in the top 10. That the UK will overtake the German economy.

There is a reason that investment in the UK is 2nd only to China. There is a reason why corporate EU are investing in the UK.

Don't fall for more elite lies, more project fear from the vested parties of our government.

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