Monday, 4 March 2019

Could there be riots if brexit is delayed?

Could there be disappointment amongst the electorate if we are to delay Brexit. I don't know, but I am sure given the emotion on this issue, the level of confidence we have in our representatives, the self sabotage the MPs have done to themselves it is highly likely.

  1. The MPs have openly gone against the “Will of the people”. This is not their job they are there to represent the people.  It is their job, it is what they are paid to do. 
  2. The manifestos garnered 80% of all the votes, the manifestos made clear the referendum would be honoured, brexit means brexit. 
  3. Compound the issue we the electorate have been told repeatedly that we are stupid, that we got it wrong, that we must vote again.

This really does not inspire confidence for future votes. Anna Sourby can attest to, her members were set on her deselection, the only way to hang in was to go as an independent. For sure, we have heard the last of her.

For the longest time we have been told the referendum has been won on a lie.  I can't for the life of me see where the lie was. Sure the bus, much has been made of this but the NHS have had an increase of some significance. The immigration queues, perhaps this has upset many liberal do-gooders, but the facts are there. By opening up to the Eastern states formerly under Soviet control there was a miscalculation. There was an overwhelming increase from those seeking better prospects and were prepared to come in at a lower pay, reducing salaries, taking jobs and generally swamping our services. This was a benefit to the big corporation not to the average man or women on the street whose overheads are from the UK.

As to the labels that are placed upon us I have to refer back to a speech Mrs Thatcher made, “It's always good when they call you names it means they no longer have a single political argument in which to support their reasoning”.
On that note, I can not for the life of me refer to a single argument for staying in the EU. There is so much out there that shows compelling reasons to leave.

  1. Our exports to the EU have shrunk at a time when WTO countries exports to the EU have risen.
  2. The EU, euro zone since 2008 has managed only a 2% + growth over that period.  The UK has achieved 8%.
  3. Unemployment across the EU is significant it's 7.9% average if you consider the under 25s it is dire.  French unemployment sits at 9.1%, the UK is around 4%.
Investment into the UK since the referendum has so far been so good that we came in ahead of the USA, we were beaten only by China.  Indeed, the investment picture makes leaving even more compelling, as many EU countries and industries are piling money into the UK. There is a strong expectation that leaving will be good for the UK.
  1. Our exports to the EU represent just 10% of our GDP, some figures show this as 12% but in reality 2% passes through Rotterdam and Antwerp. 
  2. Of course if we avoid the withdrawal agreement as tabled then we regain control of our borders and our laws. Be mindful of article 4 of the withdrawal agreement there is a trap inside this article which will keep us under the ECJ.
  3. Regulation has grown enormously and this regulation has to be applied unilaterally across all our manufactured products regardless of the destination. This is a significant unnecessary burden to businesses. After all why is it necessary to warn people that Salmon may contain fish. 
  4. Tariffs coming into the UK from farms and producers outside of the EU are absurd. Some dairy products carry a 50% tariff. Confectionery 30%, Frozen prawns 20% which is a recent increase from 14%. Since the referendum there have been 266 new tariffs applied to product and produce coming into the EU. 

When you climb inside this, there appears no rational argument or reasoning for many of these tariffs other than to generate revenue for the EU coffers.

Therefore, we have to ask ourselves what is the argument to stay inside this monstrous authoritarian block. Why do Blair, Clegg, Adonis, Clarke, Major et all. Insist we are at risk if we leave, there are still today no arguments to support remain only vested interests and name-calling.

Mikael Gorbachev once said “The EU is the old Soviet Union in Western clothes”.

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  1. There is a limit that will be tolerated by the voting public. We are very close to that limit. If you allow Jack out of his box BEWARE!!


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