Saturday, 2 March 2019

Brexit - Whose MPs are they? They don't represent me

If you saw Barry Gardiner on questiontime you will see an example of how Blind arrogance attempts to overcome incompetence 

Written below is an exert from the withdrawal agreement, the language is flowery but its intent is quietly serious. Regardless of the backstop, the way we can or can not leave, that part is written such that it is the EU that has to agree that we exit, not us unilaterally. Which of course we all know they would never do as it would never be in their financial interest.  In fact if I were them, I would use it as a model for all states membership. Having 28 subservient states with no say would be perfect for the un-elected autocracy presiding in Brussels.

If you read the withdrawal agreement in particular article 4:


Methods and principles relating to the effect, 
the implementation and the application of this Agreement

1. The provisions of this Agreement and the provisions of Union law made applicable by this Agreement shall produce in respect of and in the United Kingdom the same legal effects as those which they produce within the Union and its Member States.

Accordingly, legal or natural persons shall in particular be able to rely directly on the provisions contained or referred to in this Agreement which meet the conditions for direct effect under Union law.

2. The United Kingdom shall ensure compliance with paragraph 1, including as regards the required powers of its judicial and administrative authorities to disapply inconsistent or incompatible domestic provisions, through domestic primary legislation.

3. The provisions of this Agreement referring to Union law or to concepts or provisions thereof shall be interpreted and applied in accordance with the methods and general principles of Union law.

4. The provisions of this Agreement referring to Union law or to concepts or provisions thereof shall in their implementation and application be interpreted in conformity with the relevant case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union handed down before the end of the transition period.

5. In the interpretation and application of this Agreement, the United Kingdom's judicial and administrative authorities shall have due regard to relevant case law of the Court of Justice of the European Union handed down after the end of the transition period.”

Not only is it probable that the EU will not agree our departure. If they did they would extract a considerable penalty from us, fishing rights etc. We will still be subject to the ECJ after we have left. This is not Brexit!

If this agreement is signed then it is clear the interest of the populous matters not one jot. It is indeed clear our MPs have a vested interest as they are not acting as our representatives.

Any attempt to run the referendum again allowing 2 options defined as discussed on questiontime is wrong. Should they do this, have these 2 options 1. May's deal 2. Remain this would be a complete travesty of our rights, defying our rich history. In my opinion this would be treachery and completely unacceptable.

We have to leave for all the reasons stated in previous posts. The EU has been strangled by the euro, its regulation and tariffs. Euro zone economic growth is poor, average 2% over 10 years. We've had 8.8%. The EU is heading deeper into recession, their looking to the US to help move them forward, at a time when the US is looking inward. Regulation continues to grow, most of which makes no sense but, burdens businesses. Only 10% of our GDP is from our exports to the EU.

Tariffs continue to grow, seemingly for no reason. Indeed you can not find any rationale as to why some tariffs are applied, for example "frozen prawns" 20% tariff, increased from 14%! What is the purpose? It appears that there is no rational reason for this tariff, let alone the increase.

Raoul Ruparel Head of Economics research, open group and adviser to the government stated in 2016 "Were the UK to strike a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the EU, pursues very ambitious deregulation of its economy and opens up almost fully to trade with the rest of the world, UK GDP would be 1.6% higher than if it had stayed within the EU". 

Leave we must. Our politicians have lied far to often and far to much about the negative affects on leaving the EU. The UK is now a euro sceptic country, that will not change anytime soon.

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