Friday, 22 March 2019

Brexit and the "Wolfie Smith" of Politics

Today I have a compilation, as it's Saturday it has a lighter tone, forgive my attempt at humour the subjects are no less serious..

Confusion reigns supreme. I am pleased to have heard that the government are running a tv campaign to advise on leaving March the 29th, it would mean someone somewhere have taken initiative.  But, I'm confused and I don't know quite what I missed. I read today that Mrs May will pull next weeks vote if there is no support. Well, I am under the impression that Bercow scuppered the vote as there are no meaningful changes. The only way to bypass, is to change the deal remove the backstop or close this parliamentary session. Which our dear Queen would have to do, but I am sure Her Majesty is aware the last time a monarch took such an initiative was Charles the 1st, his head and body were buried separately! 

So in short what has changed?

I am also very confused by Corbyn.  We are in governmental crisis (although I sincerely believe, as the campaign shows that all will be ok) yet Corbyn calls for another referendum minutes after abstaining on a vote that would have paved a way to new vote.  I'm in awe (tongue in cheek) of this government and this parliament. At what seems parliaments the darkest moment when we the Great British plebiscites expect unity from our MPs. He, Corbyn attends a meeting only to then throw his toys around like a two-year old in the chocolate section of Sainsbury’s, why? Because Chuka Umuna attended!

You really could not make this up.  John Sullivan god rest his soul, could maybe have written a sit-com from this, one that rivalled “Only Fools and Horses”. Which brings me nicely to my next point or suggestion: Given the shenanigans of the last few years, the tantrums in parliament isles, the jeers from the benches, the misrepresentation’s of the manifesto, the obstinate way our MPs have cavalierly disregarded their employers wishes. Should we now consider parliament as a soap opera put it on ITV place adverts and remove 600 salaries from our taxes. I'm sure Robert Goodwill MP would agree there would be more opportunities to play with expenses without so much public scrutiny.

I jest, or do I. It's amazing despite our Parliaments the best efforts, Corporate UK continues and continues to out-perform. Record employment, less unemployment, record inward investment 2nd best in the world, 2nd only to China, here's the rub European Union corporations are investing in the UK at a faster rate than in previous years. All of this at a time when our Parliament behave like petulant children.

We have Monsieur Macron from the steps of Downing Street call for all British industry to relocate to France, calling for the city to consider Paris for their future global business, as if that would happen. What a rude dis-courteous man. I believe France for their own sake need to reform, but out of protest to this clown I will don a yellow vest, if only theoretically.  

To return to “Wolfie Smith” Corbyn, also written by John Sullivan, I'm only now beginning to realize how much we have lost due to John's untimely death. Corbyn just continues to muddle on, espousing tried and disastrous policies. Policies that ushered in 3 day weeks, power outages, only three days of TV per week.  Did we never have Maggie Thatcher who sorted out the last mess. Corbyn please go join your comrades on a beach in OZ. I realize “Red Robbo” is no longer with us but at least his last 30 years were spent in the sun. The man who orchestrated 523 strikes which eventually toppled British Leyland. For those who are not aware British Leyland represented 40% of the UK manufacturing output. They were unrivalled in their early years as the premier mass producer of family cars. It was a travesty that this man was able to organize so many strikes which ultimately destroyed Leyland, to the pleasure of his Russian paymasters I'm sure. Now there's a similarity!

The last two years have shown that the government are like traffic cops the roads flow better when they are not there.

Leave March 29th March 30th will look and feel the same except we'll be £39 billion better off.

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