Thursday, 28 February 2019

Brexit - These policies in the past gave rise to domestic violence.

What a fantastic headline: 

Britain's economy set to boom and become the largest in Europe.... why? Because we are leaving the EU! Employment is at record levels unemployment 4% vs Greece, Portugal, Spain, Italy at approximately 25%. Germany and France heading into recession, Italy contracting. The worst the UK can see is from the media and vested institutions anti brexit rhetoric.

When this is over we should have a twinning session, a ceremony linking key anti Brexit and therefore anti British individuals, link with those that tried to bring us under the soviet empire during the 70s. I think the first such union would be Philip Hammond twinned with Red Robbo the British Leyland destroyer.  Anna Sourby with Arthur Scargill etc. I'm open to suggestion for Grieves, Cooper perhaps names such as Blunt, Philby or Burgess should be included. They tried hard to make us a satellite of the Soviet Empire.

Norway's “Sovereign wealth fund” has readied $1trillion to invest in the United Kingdom. Yngve Slyngstad CEO is committed to the UK even in the event of a no deal Brexit.  Comment from the Telegraph. “This kind of grown-up analysis from professionals contrasts starkly with endless doom-mongering rhetoric we hear from the subsidy-hungry politicos of the CBI”.

The UK attracted record foreign investment through 2018 beating the US only China attracted more. Start-ups raised £8billion in venture capital, 70% more than their French or German counterparts. All of this when our revered institutions are telling us different. 

It is the Brexiteers that are the visionaries and it is the Brexiteers who have taken the unwarranted racism, certainly in my case, offensive abuse.  A comment I recently received from a city worker. “I earned £100k last year. What did you earn in your northern town?” he labelled me as somehow... well I don't know what but obviously he was implying that my views make me sub-standard. Another comment; the person told me to go back to my Thai Bride, my wife is not Thai. I use these as examples to counter the appalling labels that are directed towards us.

When history writes this up and many books will emerge it will show the Remainers to be similar to the “Red Kens" the "Robbo's” the "Arthur Scargill’s". Individuals who tried to bring this country to its knees.

For those that are not familiar with the 70s:

A general view not just mine, recollection the 1970s have gone down as the dark ages, Britain’s gloomiest period since the Second World War. The sombre seventies, set between Harold Wilson’s ‘swinging sixties’ and Margaret Thatcher’s eighties. They began with enormous trade union stoppages fighting Heath’s Industrial Relations Act. They continued with the financial crisis and us having to go cap in hand to the IMF for serious bailouts.  All the time we faced random atrocities of the Irish Republicans. They ended with the ‘Winter of Discontent’ when unparalleled strikes, official and unofficial, revealed a country ‘as governable as Chile’ in the populist view of one US politician, and reduced the Labour prime minister, James Callaghan, himself an old trade union official, to a paralysis of despair. He felt, as he told Ken Stowe, his private secretary that he had ‘let the country down’. The idea of ‘dark ages’ is indeed literally appropriate. Recollections of the seventies are coloured by memories of a public blackout, reminiscent of the second world war during the blitz, without the compensating feeling of national heroism and historic endurance. The earlier years of the decade featured not only many strikes by the engineers and electrical workers, but Edward Heath’s catastrophic three-day week in response to the miners’ strike of 1974 when London’s major thoroughfares were cast into darkness, shops and restaurants were unlit and gloomy, public television services were suspended for several nights a week, and suburban families ate their sombre dinners at home not very romantically with the light of such spare candles as shopkeepers still had available.

There has been much written on this. On the sinister side the 70s gave rise to essentially four behaviours. These were conflict and class war in industry, a sharp downturn in the economy, a flight to extremism in political life, and a rise in public and domestic violence. Without doubt, each of these revealed a new pattern of internal vulnerability not experienced previously, and a marked contrast with the stable social democracy that the United Kingdom had appeared to be since the second world war, both under Labour’s welfare democracy under Attlee after 1945 and Wilson after 1964, and the thirteen years of emollient ‘one-nation Toryism’ in between. Now there were new challenges to which a post-imperial, once-great power seemed unable to respond.

Is this what we want for our future. I suspect not then we must bin any notion of staying inside the EU, either through devious means or directly. Next we must not elect a Jeremy Corbyn government.  The policies of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell will lead to there Callaghan era.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

BREXIT - Another shocking day in the disney parliament

Headlines Today!

Not since Anthony Eden has the UK looked so pathetic. He made us look weak to the world. Mrs May has made us feel weak to ourselves.


  • Nigel Farage - "The Brexit Betrayal is nearly complete".
  • Philip Johnston - "A delay to article 50 could mean we will never break free".
  • Allison Pearson - "Corbyn is committed to a second referendum that he better hope never happens".
  • Pritti Patel and Grant Schapps - "Extending Article 50 is just overturning Brexit the people voted for".
  • Tears of rage from kamikaze Remainers inside the Cabinet.

We could now be at the beginning of the end. Realisation appeared that shows Brexit could indeed be thwarted, this must not happen for all the reasons stated in my earlier posts. Our growth is better than the eurozone. But, it's not as good as the countries outside of the EU regulations. Our exports to the EU are shrinking whilst WTO countries are increasing. The EU applies high tariffs, as much as 50% on some food products, this we the consumer have to bear.

Twenty Eurosceptic MPs voted against the government, on the government's Bill enshrining Yvette Coopers amendment, delaying Brexit.  Eighty eight abstained.  Comments were discussed on how easy Mrs May buckled.  At least that's progress but it should never have passed and nor should it have been tabled, if the MPs were doing their constituents bidding. Yvette Cooper’s 70% voted leave, but my guess she and her husband Ed Balls were remainers, at least she is loyal to her house. The rest of her constituents just have to pay her to be all Baroness like. How history repeats itself, King John and his extravagant wars, together with the Barons raided the poor with taxes. That was after the magna carta was signed in 1215, as before they were the focus of the taxes. The Magna Carta was signed as the Barons threatened to kill King John. I wonder what the penalty is for not abiding by the Manifesto promises.

Never before have parliamentary parties been so exposed for their duplicity than they are today. I'm not sure that I have ever seen such examples of self interest, nor such extreme sabotage of ones career as we are seeing playing out today.

The UK people historically have always rallied around each other in times of adversity.  Leaders have always emerged pulling us from the mire. We can pray that such a person will emerge again, but, it will take an election.

Not since Anthony Eden has the UK looked so pathetic. He made us look weak to the world.  Mrs May has made us feel weak to ourselves.

Jacob Rees-Mogg has said he will back May's deal, purely because he believes Brexit will be stopped by the devious undemocratic elite.  For me that's simple call an election. Let's get a group of honest MPs who support the views of their electorate.

Another shocking day in the Disney Parliament!

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

When did the UK become Maduro's Venezuela

No deal off the table! A referendum that removes the leave question! It's leave in name only or stay!

Delay to Brexit.
Continued uncertainty.
Paralysis of the economy.
Unhealthy divisions in the country.

These guys do not deserve to run this once great country!

They are playing the EU tune, and treating the UK people as incompetent stupid people.  They, the EU have huge support from our so called leaders, the sherrif of Nottingham couldn't have done this better. We're becoming Maduro's Venezuela, Suharto's Indonesia, Pinochet's Chile.

Mrs May has said countless times that we will leave March 29th, on TV, at conferences, on the steps of the EU and in front of that formidable bastian of leadership and integrity the no. 10 door!  She has stated no deal is better than a bad deal! Brexit means Brexit and the best of all Strong and Stable!  It's inevitable that Mrs May would be compared to Mrs Thatcher.  Mrs Thatcher famously known for the "lady is not for turning", Mrs May conversley is only for turning, she's turned so many times she must be dizzy.

If we have a delay, we should not have a referendum, we need an election! Move aside allow us to restore democracy to the United Kingdom!

There was a time in history when the security services considered to overthrow a UK government, Harold Wison's. My guess that time is coming again!

Monday, 25 February 2019

Brexit - Damned if I do and damned if I don't.

Jeremy Corbyn or indeed Theresa May for that matter they are not leaders, if they were their branches would not be swaying every which way. I believe, that we the electorate matter not one jot any more.

To delay is to prolong this confusion, this vacuum until such time that the remainers predictions arrive at our doorstep. Not because of Brexit because of prolonged dis-unity and the fog of chaos that has descended across the UK. Self sabotage is an award that belongs firmly with the UK parliamentary parties, for some considerable time it looked as though the Irish Taoiseach could have the award.

Surely any sane person would know you can't negotiate if the other party know where you'll stop. The EU have not had to play this well they just had to play to the divisions in the country's political parties. They did not even have to be concerned by the British people and their vote.  Just like they weren't with the Irish or the Danes.  Just like they care not one iota for the under 25s across the med.  And, just as long as their authoritarian projects protect their vested interests.

How could these two parties emerge at the same time? Both are rudderless, both are led by their tails and neither give a damn about the electorate.

This should have been done and dusted by now. Life would be normal we would have found our balance in the world. We would have escaped the clutches of the failing project, with all its favouritism, protectionism and elitism.

Ten percent of our exports go into Europe, and we think that should concern us enough that we allow the behaviours of chaos and confusion to jeopardize the other 90%. I think the SMEs are being to British and should be speaking out more to end this farce, the pantomime season is over.  This is not some allegory, shadow in a cave, this is real life. The harm the politicians are doing is real and its tangible.

The parties of our government behave in a way that is reminiscent of Prometheus verses Zeus, Prometheus gave fire to the people, Zeus wanted it for himself, or Robin Hood verses the Sheriff together with the Cardinals, wrecked havoc to protect their ill-gotten gains and to keep the people down-trodden. This is the 21C we don't do down-trodden and nor do we do subterfuge.  Play your games, snipe at each other but do it at your own expense. You're not disciples of Zeus and we will not drink from your cup!

A second referendum is just another way to delay, wreck the economy further. For what? If you must have something, have an election, give us at least a fighting chance to have representatives who hummmm represent us?!

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Brexit - Feb 25th Delay really Why? Blair's A Brexiteer

Several headlines captured me this morning. That's my morning as l’m slightly North of Australia.  The one that concerns me the most is of course the possibility of delaying Brexit. Another which is of significance was an article I read on Linkedin. The article referred to the businesses that are struggling due to uncertainty.  They just need that we get on with it and leave, if it's no deal they can plan accordingly.  As I've pointed out in previous papers that I've written, 90% of our manufactured goods go outside of the EU (88% directly out with a further 2% entering the EU and then leaving via Rotterdam), yet we have to apply EU regulation across the board.

The terms that we will trade on need to be clarified and planned accordingly.  The MPs that are frustrating this process are no friend of the British people and should be removed. We are now at a point where a further delay is unacceptable.  With an oncoming recession this could do irretrievable harm to corporate UK.  The EU has been a sick segment of the world for far too long. Their collective growth since 2008 have been poor to say the least, they, the Euro zone have averaged a little over 2% in 9 years. The UK 8.8%, the USA 14.4%. If you show Germany they are at 7.6%, France 4.6%, Greece minus 27%.

Our exports to the EU have underperformed the exports from WTO countries. Businesses need clarity. Are we in are we out? To delay just drops a fog over the British Isles and the United Kingdom.  Soon the remainers will have their way and be able to prove Brexit will have damaged the economy. Yet it's not Brexit that will damage it, it is they! We are where the remainers want us to be! We should have no patience with this.

I also read an article in the Daily Telegraph written by Boris. He refers to the labels that are applied to us Brexiteers. Zealots, Xenophobic, Racist and so on.  That somehow unless you're right wing with fascists tendencies you would want to remain in the EU. Boris makes an excellent point that Tony Blair was a fervent Brexiteer (Although my gut tells me that was him telling us what we wanted to hear in order that he gets his way winning the highest office in the land.  It is also not beyond the realm of being possible that he is angling for Junker's job, but of course we have to remain.  History will go full circle!). But, nonetheless Boris refers to many other lefties that have expressed dis-satisfaction with the EU.

I for one can not be labelled in such terms.  My business is in Asia, it focuses on Indonesia in particular. I stand ready to support Corporate UK to establish a presence in the soon to be 5th largest economy. Who, incidentally trades with the EU on WTO. My wife is a legal and financial expert, and she is Asian. My partners are Asian some are mixed and from many religious beliefs. To label Brexiteers this way is to do the UK an injustice, it is also an insult to our seafaring ancestry.

The facts are clear, regulation is absurd. Tariffs are ridiculous 50% on some dairy products, 30% on others reducing to 18% in some cases.  This is a tax on the people of the UK. It is a tax that benefits Europe and not us Brits!

Leave, and do it on March the 29th at 11pm. Take no nonsense from these vested self interested politician's. A delay is appalling behaviour.

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Indonesia Launches its first MRT

It's finally arrived; Jakarta has commissioned its first Mass Transport system, the first such system in Indonesia. A project fraught with difficulty, taking longer than expected with development stopping frequently.

The system has been on trial since December, testing all supporting systems, electronic gates as well as the reactions of emergency services should the need arise.  Services will operate from March 12th, 2019.

In the past week the proud authorities invited government officials, ambassadors and journalists to trial the first MRT in Indonesia.

The final touches are taking place. They're busy touching up the paint, polishing fittings on the MRT stations' interior and walkways.

If the public trial run goes off without a hitch, the country's first MRT will start commercial operation by the end of next month.

The route initially will operate from Lebak Bulus in South Jakarta to the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle in Central Jakarta, a distance of 15.7KM. There are 13 stops, journey should take approx. 30 minutes. This will halve the time of a normal commute. For a city with more than 25M people this is significant.


A single MRT train comprises six carriages which can carry up to 1,950 passengers. By 2024, the MRT is expected tocarry up to 430,000 passengers a day.

EU Ambassador to Indonesia Vincent Guérend has sung his praises for the Jakarta MRT, saying he loved the modern look and its well-thought-out amenities.

When he went on his trial run last week, the ambassador remarked the Jakarta MRT even appeared more modern than some old subway trains in European countries.

EU Ambassador to Indonesia Vincent Guérend, right, speaks with Ghamal Peris, MRT Jakarta's business development director, during a trial run of the MRT on Feb. 12. (Antara Photo/Rivan Awal Lingga).

Naming Rights.

MRT Jakarta is selling naming rights for eight stations on the Lebak Bulus-Bundaran Hotel Indonesia line, which allow a company to attach its brand name to a station for 10 years.

Naming rights for three stations have already been bought by state-controlled lender Bank Negara Indonesia for the Dukuh Atas-BNI Station; another state-owned lender Bank Mandiri for the Istora-Mandiri Station; and Astra International for the Setiabudi-Astra Station.

The naming rights for five more stations—Bendungan Hilir, Blok M, Senayan, Lebak Bulus and Sisingamangaraja—are still up for auction.


The Lebak Bulus-Bundaran Hotel Indonesia line makes up Phase 1 of the Jakarta MRT network which will eventually cover a total distance of 110 kilometers, linking the sprawling city's north, south, east and west.

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) loaned Rp 16 trillion to the Jakarta administration for the Phase 1 construction.

Suppliers & Contractors

  • The MRT trains are produced by Japanese rail car manufacturer Nippon Sharyo, a subsidiary of Central Japan Railway Company.
  • Jakarta MRT bought 16 of their made-in-Japan trains for Rp 1.6 trillion. All of them arrived in Jakarta last year.
  • A consortium of Japanese constructor Shimitsu Kobayashi, state-owned builder Wijaya Karya and Jaya Konstruksi worked on two sections of the underground track.
  • Another consortium of Sumitomo Mitsui and Hutama Karya worked on the remaining underground track.
  • Japanese railway company Tokyu and state-owned constructor Wijaya Arya built two sections of the elevated track.
  • Japanese firms Obayashi and Shimizu formed a joint venture with local firm Jaya Konstruksi to build the remaining elevated track.

Future Lines

On Oct. 23 last year, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) agreed to loan Rp 9.4 trillion to the Jakarta Provincial Government for Phase 2 of the MRT project to build a line from Sarinah to Kota.

This is the first of two instalments which will be used to fund the first stage of construction in Phase 2.

  • Phase 2: Sarinah to Kota, track length: 7.8 kilometers, 7 underground stations: Sarinah, Monas, Harmoni, Sawah Besar, Mangga Besar, Glodok, Kota. Phase 2 construction is set to begin in March 2019.
  • Phase 3: Cikarang to Jakarta, track length: 87 kilometers, this line will run from east to west, connecting Cikarang and Balaraja with Jakarta. Phase 3 construction is planned to begin in 2020.

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Brexit - Three Amigos or mangos - Assassins they're not!

Well! Today was my blogging day off! But, I've made a special effort here to publish the lyrics below.  Not all my work only adaptations to a 2001 song.

So gaze upon the faces of the smiling assassins.
They pack a grin like a 44.
But Guy's! don't be surprised to find you're now alone.
After all, you are each your own true love.

It was a cold February morning, you three amigos shot your Party down.
As you swagger off, look back to our rising sun.
This is your sunset! This fame will not come again.
I can assure you, no voter is laughing with you now.

Yeah, Anna Sourby you gave and you gave 'til you were blue in the face.
Dr Sarah Wollaston, But you never did as you swore, up hold the party’s manifesto law.
Heidi Allen, Once, on voting day you were the women of the hour.
But now you're a trio all alone, come election the sorrow will show.

The train home is running on the hour.
But no one will be waiting for you there.
Kick your heels up and down the platform.
You’ll know what you missed out as you arrive there.

Heidi Allen. You vow to destroy the home you once enjoyed.
you’re just a team of three, you care of no one who you should of pleased.
Your words are vicious your actions foolish, trust you'll never have.
No one need shoot you down the harm you've done is to yourselves.

And I can't understand in the name of Jesus.
Where exactly is this heaven you speak of?
Suddenly you are the chosen few?
And the rest of us should burn in Donald Tusk's Hell?

The train home is running on the hour.
But no one will be waiting for you there.
Kick your heels up and down the platform.
You’ll know what you missed out on.

You’re not revolutionary heroes, worthy of no accolades. 
The agenda is only yours! 
You'll soon be forgotten, a footnote in history.
No funding will come from 1MDB. 
The film of the wolves of the Commons has no support. Not even for a DVD.

Yeah Anna Sourby, you gave and you gave until you were blue in the face.
Dr Sarah Wollaston, Heidi Allen once you were the women of the hour.
But now you're alone, feel sorry for yourselves.

Anna sourby, sarah wollaston, heidi allen, brexit, independent party, Donald Tusk EU

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

The Grim Reaper on Wattpad

I think you'd like this story: "Remainers Talisman Affection For The Single / Union" by Nigelsaywell on Wattpad

Brexit - The Grim Reaper Has Come Knocking

The benefits of EU and Single Market membership have been illusory, while its costs are real, onerous and unacceptable to the majority of the British people.

Michael Burrage 2017

To remain in the single market the UK must apply all regulations and controls as defined by the EU to its entire economy. So where is the problem? The problem is, only 12% of our total GDP goes direct to the EU, the rest we export to countries outside of the EU. The anomaly in all of this; even from the 12%, approx. 2% travels to Rotterdam or Antwerp for further export leaving the EU. Therefore, you could argue 90% of our GDP carries a burden of EU regulations that are not necessary. This is costly to UK businesses.

Consider rules and regulations governing employment law. Nearly all of our GDP comes from the domestic market: Whether it is health and welfare services, the retail trade, utilities, entertainment, bars and restaurants, services such as dry cleaning and home repairs and maintenance.

The rules and regulations are having and have had a serious impact. Particularly affected by this are the NHS. The EU issued a working hour directive in 2009, limiting the hours a person can work, to 48 hours a week. They must have designated rest periods and regular breaks. Therefore, and as an example, Junior Doctors are restricted as to the number of hours they can work. I can hear you say, so they should be they seem worked to death, but consider that as a Junior doctor you must attain certain skills and experience in order to progress. Individuals are taking much longer to reach the level required, to be proficient, let alone to attain “Consultant” status.  This has a serious impact on staffing levels.  Experience is low, a reduced numbers of Consultants able to practise. This issue is right across the NHS. This is not what a junior Doctor wants when entering this career / vocation.

These rules and regulations apply right across the service sector. A sector that the ‘single market’ has no benefit. It only applies an onerous cost, as Michael Burrage claims refer in the snippet above. 

Membership of the single market is not the same as the customs union. The customs union has been around since the very beginning of the EU, whereas the single market only since 1993. lt is the customs union that decides our tariffs. Within the custom union there are three (3) elements. 

  1. Members may not impose tariffs or non-tariff barriers on imports from other member states; 
  2. They do, however, impose the centrally agreed tariff rates on imports from the rest of the world, the so-called Common External Tariff (CET); 
  3. They give up the ability to negotiate trade relationships with other countries. This power is transferred to the EU. 

Where Theresa May has come unstuck with the negotiation:

  1. She wants tariff free trade with the EU whilst not applying tariffs on product and services brought into the UK from the rest of the world. Hence, the cake and eat it scenario. 
  2. The election, the result weakened her hand considerably. Although in many ways it should not have done, 80% of the votes were won on a Brexit manifesto.

To achieve 1 above this was always a tall order, a modicum of compromise was always inevitable. But to find ourselves in the situation we are today well, that is due to dishonesty on the part of MPs that have obfuscated beyond their mandate.

For the EU to agree to 1 above this would result in the rest of the world driving their exports to the EU via the UK, therefore avoiding the CET. This would be folly on the part of the EU, not least for the loss of revenue. Of course advocates of the Customs Union are keen we remain a member. But again there are no intrinsic benefits to our membership. Food, clothing and footwear would still have considerable tariffs applied, and of course we would not be able to strike free trade deals from around the world. As I've said before the EU take less of our exports at a time when WTO countries trade has grown substantially. 

Not to make light of the tariffs more to show the bizarre way in which they are applied. Unicycles have a 15% tariff applied, whereby a sub orbital spacecraft has only a 4% levy. Food and beverages are subject to considerably more. Confectionery has a tariff just shy of 30%, some dairy products that's around 50%, Grapes 17% and frozen prawns 20%. If you research the tariff regime it's clear there is no logic to this and nor can anyone explain the rational, it is purely arbitrary. 

I'll leave this blog here. I continue to hope we follow through and free ourselves from these shackles. 

As Margaret Thatcher said:

Monday, 18 February 2019

For Success First Appreciate The Past

To do business in Indonesia you first have to understand certain elements of history. Struggles, Occupation, Independence, Communist tendencies and Authoritarian regimes, which have led to this point today.

Indonesia's technically was colonized by the Dutch for a 126 years. Indonesia’s view is this period ended in 1942 as the Japanese rolled in taking control for a further 3 years. It's important to point out the vastness of the Indonesian archipelago, overlaid on Europe it would stretch from London to Tehran. The Dutch cherry picked parts of Indonesia which were important for trade and logistics, they never really took total control. In fact the Indonesian were grouped into Kingdoms with each leader taking responsibility for their individual part corralling their like-minded people into tribes, led by a sultan or King.

I say the Dutch colonial period terminated in 1942, which is not strictly true. After the war ended and the Japanese surrendered the Dutch attempted a return.  By now the Indonesian had mustered a kind of guerrilla warfare experience whilst making life difficult for the Japanese.  Needless to say colonial incursion were no longer tolerated.

The period that followed was brutal the Dutch Army were in many instances likened to the Nazi's with their behaviour and atrocities that followed prior to full independence. No story can be complete until you write about Christmas of 1946. A Battalion under the command of Captain Raymond Westerling moved on the South Celebes, now known as Sulawesi over a two-month period they wiped villages off the map killing 4,000 people.  This was a war crime which has never been atoned for.  The irony in this situation was that whilst this barbaric act took place.  Nazis were being tried at The Hague for similar atrocities. President Sokarno declared Independence upon the Japanese surrender it took a further 3 years to rid the archipelago of the murderous atrocities to finally win freedom.

The Asia struggles were far from over as the Russian army were sweeping down through Manchuria and into the Korean Peninsula. China was in a state of civil war ending in 1949 with the victor being the Communist leader Mao Zedong over the Nationalist army of Chiang Kai-shek, whose Kuomintang retreated from the mainland onto Taiwan. Taiwan was given tolerance as Mao was unwilling to pursue further allowing Chiang Kai-shek to save face in a way the Chinese only understand.

Of course Vietnam became a focus as did South Korea. Much has been documented on this point. In the 60s Indonesia fell under the control of Suharto a brutal dictator given free rein by his American backers.  Suharto ruled for a further 32 years, that is until the end of the cold war. Some would say he was kept in power for the few years following the fall of the Berlin wall by his very canny wife Siti (Tien) Hartinah m. 1947–1996. Tien Suharto was widely reported as the power behind her husband’s throne, a meddling and unscrupulous woman who gave a new meaning to financial corruption. She was called Ibu Negara, Mother of the Nation, and she never let anyone forget that she, unlike her husband, was descended from royal stock. According to local belief it was she, because of her descent, who possessed the wahyu, or gift of power. Now that she was dead, her husband can no longer lay claim to it.

After her death the Soharto dynasty was collapsing giving way in 1998 to a true democracy in transition, not glossing over this as the fall of Soharto was not a smooth affair.  The country erupted into a short civil war. Students were rioting, gangs were forming on all major arteries, I remember this well as I was in the heart of the city on the 24th floor of a major telecom operators office building putting together a 5-year plan, we abandoned the meeting recognizing the stupidity of the situation as no one could be clear as to the next day let alone look 5 years out.  The brunt of the anger was metered out to the Chinese communities many were killed others fled for their lives. My journey that day was onto London but my trip through the marauding masses was not so easy. My driver Wayan was excellent, and we made it to the airport unscathed. Many Indonesian Chinese were also there, their journey more fraught than mine. Most had travelled in the boot of their car, some wrapped in carpets.  On my arrival in London I was met by the MOD who later visited me in my hotel to strategies a military led evacuation of Brits in Jakarta. Strange times indeed.

Here we are some 20 years later with a leader, imaginative, honest and intent on breaking the elites past strangle hold, this he is doing at incredible speed.

This is just a potted history lesson, over time I may embellish in greater detail but for now the purpose of this blog is to show the future this dynamic democracy has and the opportunities it holds to those that are prepared to step a toe into this country deemed to be the 5th biggest economy.  It would be wrong to say take a risk on this market because that would be a phrase you could use some 20 years ago.  This is now a maturing market full of opportunity. As the saying goes the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago the 2nd best time is now!

Sunday, 17 February 2019

A Day Of Reckoning

Two more senior Tory MPs facing deselection votes as 'purple momentum' purge gathers pace

Indonesia's Millennials Driving The Economy

I think you'd like this story: "Asia And Its Return As An Economic Giant" by Nigelsaywell on Wattpad

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Myth and Paradox of the Single Market

Attached is a link to an excellent document put together by Michael Burrage of Civitas. It is an expose of the single market and the limited value, to be kind that membership offers. 
Myth and Paradox of 
the Single Market
How the trade benefits of EU membership 
have been mis-sold
Michael Burrage

Part One: The Myth of the Single Market’s Trade Benefits
1. A doubling of trade? A minister’s claim to parliament 8
2. Reviewing the evidence 15
3. What business told, and didn’t tell, the Foreign Office 34
Part Two: The Paradox of Who Benefits from the Single Market
4. What would have happened
in the absence of the Single Market? 64
5. Is there a single market in services? 89
6. Does ‘helping to make the rules’
in Brussels help UK exports? 103
Part Three: Conclusions
7. Image without substance 114
8. The case for an EU research agency in the UK 125
A: BIS reply to the author’s FOI request 134
B: A 2007 report by EC staff
on the impact of the Internal Market 138

The remainers paint the leavers as liars, thieves and vagabonds.  Consider just a few points below and then ponder over the insistence that we must be part of the Single Market.

From the beginning (a fairy tale this is not). Early 70s until 2015 there are just 37 FTA agreements that the EU have negotiated with small countries, in some cases collections of countries. This brings the total to 55 as of 2017. The total GDP of these countries is just $7.7trn.

In 2011 A report was produced by the Department for Business, Innovation and skills (BIS). This report was seized upon, misinterpreted forming astonishing results which have proved to be untrue. The Minister of state took the now fabricated version of this report and informed Parliament. He claimed that: ‘

  • EU countries trade twice as much with each other as they would do in the absence of the Single Market programme’.

Under the freedom of information act the report was eventually published. Upon examination, it was shown that this claim was a lie. 

  • Sir Edward Jonathan Davey MP FRSA is a British Liberal Democrat politician. He has been the Member of Parliament for Kingston and Surbiton since the 2017 general election, having previously been MP for the constituency from 1997 to 2015.

There were no such findings, there was no such research to prove this theory out. In fact the report was based on a report produced in 2007 by three French Academics. This report was taken compiled together with an EU report which was an attempt to find failings with the single market, to prove a case for more integration and central control.

With the upcoming release of the document the Minister perhaps sensing a discomfort added further reports, produced after his claims. In a vain hope to recover his now tattered image these reports were: 

  1. An internal report the department had published, but this showed no reliable evidence on the benefits of the Single Market.
  2. A Review of the Balance of Competence between the UK and the EU, which was conducted by the Foreign Office. Inclusive of claims by the bastion of impartiality the CBI, TheCityUK and various trade federations and businesses. They each claimed that UK exporters have benefited by ceding responsibility for trade negotiations to the EC.

No report cited any evidence which supported the Minister's claim, clearly he misled the house.

To come to the 55 trade agreements now in place with various small countries and collections of countries. In total a GDP of$7.7trn.  Michael Burrage of Civitas compares here with those negotiated by Chile, Korea, Singapore and Switzerland, four independent countries which have none of the ‘heft’ or ‘clout’ or ‘negotiating leverage’ which the CBI and many businesses consider essential in trade negotiations. 

The conclusions are:

  • By contrast the aggregate GDP of all the countries with which Chile had agreements in force is $58.3tn, Korea’s totalled $40.8tn, Singapore’s $38.7tn and Switzerland’s $39.8tn. However, the agreements of these four countries include their agreements with the EU, which has a GDP of $16.7tn.

  • About 90 per cent of the agreements of these four smaller, independent countries include services, whereas only 68 per cent of the EC’s trade agreements do so.

  • The EC has therefore opened services markets of just $4.8tn to UK exporters, whereas the Swiss have opened markets of $35tn, the Singaporeans of $37.2tn, the Koreans of $40tn and Chileans of $55.4tn. However, we do not know if the EC agreements secured better terms than these independent countries, since the scope of these agreements has never been compared in detail.

  • Analysis of the growth of UK exports of goods before and after EC agreements have come into force, for at least five years, shows that in most cases (10 out of 15) the post-agreement growth of UK exports has fallen. The five countries where the post-agreement growth of UK exports rose were Turkey, Chile, Lebanon, Papua New Guinea and Fiji. These therefore are the clear success stories of 42 years of EC negotiation on the UK’s behalf. Their total GDP in 2015 was $1.1tn, which is significantly less than the $1.5tn GDP of Australia with which the EC has yet to negotiate an agreement.

  • By contrast most of Switzerland’s agreements (11 out of 15), most of Singapore’s (eight out of 12) and most of Korea’s (four out of five) have been followed by an increase in the rate of growth of their exports to the partner countries. Most Chilean agreements (13 out of 18) have been followed by a decline in the growth of their exports, though they differ from the British in that most of their pre-agreement rates of growth to these 13 countries were unsustainably high.

As you see the obfuscation dates way back, clearly indicating considerable vested interests which are not inline with the UK's or its subjects vested interests.

Blue chip company has Gerald Ratner moment - destroyed in 2 days

Urgent message to any arrogant captains of industry. Behave badly or say the wrong thing and your business can be destroyed in just a few hours.

I'm talking about Bukalapak an Amazon or ebay for 260M people based in Indonesia. Established 9 years ago, by all accounts a success story. Two days ago they held a party for the substantial numbers of employees. The president of Indonesia Joko Widodo, Jokowi as he is affectionately known attended to pass his good wishes. To give encouragement to this e-commerce business.

Jokowi is much loved here in Indonesia, a true man of the people. He is as honest as the day is long. Indonesia will hold elections in April and it's widely predicted he will win. However, Indonesia has a chequered past politically and the old guard still causes concern from time to time. His opponent is a prodigy of the Soharto era.

Shortly after Jokowi left the event, the CEO took to twitter to lambaste the President, Jokowi. The CEO quoted historic, poor economic numbers as though they were current. They were taken from an era prior to Jokowi's presidency. He called for his demise at the upcoming elections, to be replaced by a "New President"

The result; within 2 days this giant of an e-commerce company is on the precipice of collapse. Social networks have destroyed him and his company.
Bukalapak enjoyed a healthy reputation up until Thursday morning, rated 4.7 out of 5 on Apple store. Today the app has been deleted by most of its users and the rating has plummeted to 2.3 and dropping. Apple will de-list the account at 1.9.

The CEO has been cap in hand to the President begging him to forgive him.  Asking Jokowi to plead with the people to stop the carnage of his company. To the Presidents credit he has done this, he has asked that the people forgive this person's indiscretion.

One twitter user replied “I love you President Jokowi but I'm not using Bukalapak again”

Another Twitter user stated to the CEO “Aren't you lucky you live in the Jokowi era. Under previous Presidents you would have disappeared and never been seen again".

This is truly a wonderful country. Jokowi and his team deserve the attention of western business and International investment.

Friday, 15 February 2019

Indonesia's Beauty

Beautiful Beautiful Indonesia a magical Kingdom rich in rugged beauty
 Beautiful Beautiful Indonesia a magical Kingdom rich in rugged beauty  

The EU Single Market Issues

Brexit, EU

The EU single market

Patrick Minford's - Economist and advocate for free trade explains:

"The Single Market is simply the geographic area within which EU regulation creates ease of doing business and around which the EU creates a protective trade barrier as well as mandating free migration. Thus to be ‘in’ it requires that one submits to the regulation, the protection and the free migration".

To explain in more detail it is a single market that all can sell into provided each market follows the regulations as set out by the EU regulations. It is also a protectionist market that prevents products and produce from landing in Europe undercutting produce grown in the EU. Such as: Oranges from South Africa, Bananas etc. These can be shipped into the EU but are subject to tariffs. Hence, why Jacob Rees-Mogg refers to cheaper food, clothing and footwear. We can lift these protectionist tariffs.

I guess you have to ask was this Baroness Thatcher’s vision as she pushed the single market agenda. The simple answer is no! Baroness Thatcher was an advocate of few regulations and envisaged a market as such. Since the introduction of the single market regulation has gone through the roof.

To be outside we can reduce the burden on business. But! We have to adhere to EU regulation if we are to sell into the EU. This could mean two types of manufacturing process. So why are we leaving? It's simple much of our business is outside of the EU. But currently today we have to adhere to all this regulation, this is a substantial burden on business. Look to our growth with the EU it has been a lack lustre event at best, since 2008 we have dropped from 55% down to 44% of our exports. Meanwhile, WTO countries have increased 27%.

On a point of note, UK exports between 1973 to 1992 grew sharply under the Common Market. Since joining the single market our exports to the EU have declined sharply.

The myth in all of this is the way it's portrayed.  There is a reverence paid to the single market. It's as if, ifwe are not inside we will not be able to trade. Therefore, we should be at least partly in, partly out, or even as though we should have access for parts of the week and not other parts. This is a myth! Everyone has access to the single market, whether it be India, USA or Indonesia.  All trade perfectly well inside the EU.  And, as I've said before they in fact trade better under WTO.

The EU Euro zone GDP is poorly performing and has done so since 2008. Its underperformance is significantly below that of the USA, Canada and the UK. Today it would appear they will slip into recession.

We must leave, and leave cleanly!

Thursday, 14 February 2019

A Magical Mystery tale of the EU

I just published "Remainers Talisman Affection For The Single / Union" of my story "Remainers Talisman Affection For The Single / Union".

Brexit Change starts here

George Soros warns the European Union is ‘on the verge of collapse’ just like the Soviet Union in 1991

A billionaire has warned of a coming “21st-century nightmare”, with Europe “on the verge of collapse” just like the Soviet Union.  For a full report including video click the link below:

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Remainers Talisman Affection For The Single / Union

Single market, eu, brexit

I’ve tried hard to find any evidence that shows why Nick Clegg, Sir John Major, Tony Blair, Nicola Sturgeon, et al., believe that being in the single market is so important. Indeed, their belief is so strong they are prepared to break the union up. Yet they provide no supporting evidence as to why they believe it!.

Even representatives of our business community race to support our membership, yet they too are incapable of providing data to support their claims. Their only reason is we export a lot to Europe as though this will die after we leave. This is rubbish it would be a serious act of sabotage on the EU part if they stopped selling their cars, cheese, wine etc., into the UK. Only a petulant child would harm themselves in such a way.

Indeed, there is plenty of evidence out there that shows being a member of the single market has been exceedingly negative to the UK. I’ve said before WTO countries exports to the EU have grown significantly more than the UK exports to the EU.

Sure the single market in some areas has been a success, it has united 28 Countries into a single trading block. Margaret Thatcher pushed through the idea of a single market on the basis that it would unite and reduce regulation. If you look at the Cecchini report produced in 1988 it was incredibly optimistic about the single market, Predicting a 6.5% - 7% GDP increase over the first 5years.

Cecchini report - exert from the exec summary 1988 The Commission today revealed the results of a major study which It commissioned to
evaluate scientifically the benefits of the single market. This study which will shortly be published In book form provides the hard evidence, the confirmation of what those who are engaged In building Europe have always known: that the failure to achieve a single market has been costing European Industry dearly In unnecessary costs and lost opportunities; that the completion of the Internal market will provide the economic context for the regeneration of European Industry In both goods and services; and that It will give a permanent boost to the prosperity of the people of Europe. Cecchini report 1988

Even its ardent supporters had to admit it was overly optimistic. In fact all data shows that being a member of both the single market and customs union have provided the UK with a net loss. Yet scraggly politicians and business organizations all espouse sagely that we must continue our membership. My only conclusion they really don’t understand the market at all.

In fact to go one step further:

Roger Bootle has likened their fascination, talisman type reverence to the single market like that of the dying days of the soviet empire.

“Muttering support for the Single Market has become rather like, during the dying years of the Soviet Union, mouthing ritualistic quotes from Marx about the inevitable triumph of Communism - things you just repeat because that’s what you have always done and it’s what everybody else does, without ever questioning their relation to reality”.

Monday, 11 February 2019

WTO Trading Agreements

It is my belief,  and I said this before. If you declare your hand that you are not willing to walk away then you become supplicant to the negotiation and for sure will be doomed to colonial status in perpetuity.

The remainers make great store in regard to our non-compliance in exporting to the EU if we are to leave the Customs Union. Let's deal with this today.

1. If, we are no longer in a customs union then our products that are export to the EU would be covered by an FTA. But of course we won't have one, at least not immediately, depending on the behaviour of the EU lord and masters this could be some time coming. So the remainers have some traction here except:

2. There is a mechanism for WTO countries to comply through what they call MRA’s (Mutual Recognition Agreements). There are many countries which do not have FTAs with the EU these countries trade perfectly well with an MRA in place, including Australia, Japan and the United States. Of course Remainers will obfuscate as the EU could withhold, through some petty squabble such approvals. In which case UK exports to the EU would grind to a halt. This is a nebulas' argument as trade is two-way, and favour the EU.

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