Saturday, 30 March 2019

The Barons Are Back The Magna Carta Has Been Shredded

Why the surprise? It's blind arrogance when an MP displays shock, horror, calls his vote of no confidence a sabotage, a conspiracy by UKIP supporters. I am stunned by Dominic Grieve, I am stunned by his arrogance, I have been for a long period if I am honest. His vote count was Remain 20,077, Leave 20,642 with a turnout of 78.4%. I'm not sure how his maths stacks up but that puts him on the wrong side of democracy. As for Anna Sourby implying South Bucks could have no one better. Perhaps she is right if we were in the days of the Barons at the time of the Magna Carta. For sure his superiority, lauding it over democracy would fit in nicely.

I will not just single him out as their are over 400 MPs that sit on the wrong side of this, and I don't just mean leavers, I also have sympathy with remain constituents who have a leave representative. John Redwood comes to mind for he too is on the wrong side of his electorate. His constituents voted to remain his activities are a direct contrast.  

I used the term representative deliberately because that is what they are. They are not elected to be our masters, to provide demeaning language when referring to us so called well er., electorate. We are not the “dirty unwashed of society” we are worthy of respect. So please Mr Grieve save your indignation, you have failed your constituents and you have failed them spectacularly. Deselection will follow and if it doesn't then the conservatives will lose a seat. 

As for Anna Sourby who openly taunts her electorate. Her statements in the house demeaning her majority as not even on her radar, well that is contemptible,  it is misrepresentation of a sale for want of a better term. In business this is a serious violation, opening the individual to a lawsuit with considerable damages. 

In all honesty I fail to see how a constituency can elect a conservative member to be their representative, for that member to then resign from the conservatives and remain in their seat. Did the electorate waste their time voting? This is wrong, and it should be put right. 

Our Parliamentary system is profoundly broken. My guess it has been broken for years, but now their inadequacies, their self-serving interests, the abject contempt they hold those that they represent has risen to the surface of the swamp. 

I can imagine if the incredible hulk ran a party right now he would gain more seats than any incumbent. If Donald Trump were to be here I am sure he too would gain a majority. As would Nigel Farage for that should make you sit up and take note for that is a wave that's coming. I fail to see how they can not relate to the damage they have wrought on themselves and I don't just mean the Conservatives, but also Labour and where the hell are the Libs? The DUP are the only party who have remained consistent truly representing their electorate. We should seek the view of their NI electorate for sure it must be quite invigorating. 

I believe in the Union and I hope to god it prevails. But the sniping at the SNP this week, this is not only childish it's sinister. It sends the wrong message to the Scottish people. For sure Scotland have options, they too have a rich history, it would be sad to see them leave the union.

You had your laughs. But we’re not laughing with you! 

Do your job! Represent us, but keep your resume polished, although who in the real world who would trust you after this fiasco. 

Thank you once again for indulging my ramblings.  If you have comments, good or bad I would be pleased to see them, and will adopt my style accordingly.

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The Barons Are Back The Magna Carta Has Been Shredded

Why the surprise? It's blind arrogance when an MP displays shock, horror, calls his vote of no confidence a sabotage, a conspiracy...

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