Friday, 5 April 2019

Open letter to Sky news following appalling reporting and treatment

Dear Sir

Your recent report whereby your presenter attempted to vilify an individual for calling Mrs May a traitor is a gross violation of your supposed impartiality, throwing into doubt your neutral approach to news reporting.

1. Freedom of speech is sacrosanct in this country.  It is not your job to use the power of your position to humiliate him with your bias reporting.
2. He is correct Mrs May together with many other inviduals have behaved in a treacherous way.

Democracy is about the majority and the majority is to leave the EU.  Not to sign us up to a treaty which surrenders our country.  Only a war time leader who has lost a war would do such a thing.

Let me tell you why this man was right and why you were out of order.

1. Agreeing that treaty, which by the way she has done. There is a clear law in place that parliament have to agree. Yet as far as the EU is concerned the UK have agreed. Therefore,  not to be opened again.
2. The manifesto was a lie. Brexit means Brexit was a lie.  No deal is better than a bad deal was a lie. We will leave March 29th was a lie.

3. Her latest ruling, going over the heads of the cabinet.
4. Using her office to run roughshod over us and her parliament in repeatedly pushing this surrender document through the house.
5. She, and Blair are undermining us all with their back door deals.
6. This farce has impacted SMEs throughout the UK. She has no care for those individuals. Article 50 said we leave on the 29th. It is the law!

We are not Venezuela yet we are reduced to being a Venezuela.

If I can suggest, perhaps leave your bias at home.


A democratic concerned voter.

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