Thursday, 11 April 2019

Brexit The Myth Or The Story

No deal planning. Ordered to rethink Brexit. The next step being to revoke article 50. Delay long enough that the 2016 vote has no mandate. Leaders across Europe gloating at our predicament.  Talk of eminent remoaners have schemed engaging with the likes of Macron et al. 

What are these headlines other than complete capitulation to a phoney government of a foreign power, by a leader who has no party to lead.  Her only followers are the independent party. A bunch of misfits devoid of mandate. 

The brexit battle is all but lost, our taxes will again swiftly wash down the swamps of Europe. If ever there was a black hole worthy of ignoring for it must surely be the chamber viewed from the atrium within the Brussels monolith albeit glass. 

It is proven the young of the Med are in desperate straits, the economies of the Med have unwound 20 years of growth. Greece is all but a tourist attraction, yes this great explorer, philosopher, commander of shipping has been reduced to a cultural theme park barely able to sustain its young. 

France's labour laws are archaic for they soon will depart to the south and join their brothers and sisters across the Med, losing all hope for the young. Macron is desperate to become integral in the bosom of the EU, for he knows he can not sustain France's position going forward, look to France it has one of the poorest growth rates since 2008. 

It's fascinating to watch, the posturing, the power posturing emanating from the Brussels corridors, for this has all been a charade. 

We may well have lost the battle, we may well revoke article 50, but the war will continue as move towards the elections. For sure a powerful leader will once again emerge in the guise of Thatcher, Churchill, Lloyd George, and then we will leave this failing project. 

The fear now becomes that our wonderful country will be absorbed in the EU ideology, the £ will float down the Thames, our army will be absorbed into the western soviet empire, words by Mikael Gorbachev. 

Let's not forget the cost of our trips to the supermarket to buy are dairy products which enjoy a 50% tariff. Tariffs levied in order to pass 9% of the agricultural subsidies to the chosen French farmers that support the chevalier doctrine.  

Any rational thinking person will know that we have been trapped by a Disney parliament looking for their next role, perhaps custodian of Junker's wine cellar.

Batten down the hatches pay over the top for our food, clothing and footwear struggling under the burden of taxes that flow our way at an alarming speed. Continue to eat north sea shell fish, swapped with heavily concentrated mercury and arsenic prawns in the peeling factories of the Far East under the watchful eye of EU resident inspectors. 

If ever there was an abject example as to how democracy in this country works then look to the three years past. Open a referendum fill our heads with lies, punishment budgets, huge job losses, security would be compromised etc. Then the result paint the leavers as the liars, the Xenophobes, the great unwashed. Enlist the deep state to rubbish, intimidate, work the European corridors, plotting the surrender of the 17.4M honest folk. Coin slogans such as: not all leavers are racists but all racists are leavers.

Can we ever heal from this, once as I suspect article 50 is revoked. Remember the words of the great Bard. “No Legacy is so rich as honesty”. “Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none.” I look forward as to how history write this as the new enlightened period. How, deviousness and treachery became the acceptable law of this great nation.

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