Saturday, 6 April 2019

Mrs May Our Brush With Authoritarianism

The week that was. The week the UK went from being a tolerant bastion of democracy with a rich history of parliamentary procedures.

An advocator of consensus a great protector against authoritarianism. An apologist for colonialism. A fair and just legal system, the envy of the world. A nation of loyal patriots led by wise statesmen and women leaders who have carried us forward in difficult times. Through the ages have repelled invaders. We are a people of placid pagan virtues, whose warrior instinct emerge only in self-defence. 

This week that saw a decline even demise in centuries of honourable traditions, traditions admired from around the world. A legal system that has influenced many a nation bringing a form of civilization to many a doctrine of predestination. We are the epitome of human rights, of legal fairness. A nation built on sound honest principles honed over centuries of blood sweat and tears. Rights immortalized within the magna-carta. 

March 29th a date enshrined in law cast aside as though it were a toffee wrapper. No mention, no change just discarded as though it mattered not one jot.

A vote to discard no deal as though this is a magic wand to a better time when indeed we handcuff our negotiation. As an example who would look at a house, tell the owner I'm buying this house come what may, I'm not leaving without it. All the time the sellers are rubbing their hands in glee.

An MP released from prison who has no voting rights is allowed and her vote accepted carrying the motion by 1 vote. Duplicity, double standards, all this from a parliament established honourably over centuries of evolution. 

Democracy flaunted with calls of a 2nd referendum. Calls that are done so that the result can be thrown out from the previous referendum. Consensus of the cabinet cast aside like some bed cover in a working boudoir. Plummeting our democracy, its founding principles to that of an authoritarian state.  

Handing the keys to number 10 by way of elevating the biggest threat to the UK corporate standing since Brezhnev controlled the soviet empire, making Corbyn appear the saviour of the day, and if he's not he can portray you Mrs May as obstinate misguided and out of touch with reality. If you’re in any doubt Mrs May look to the press, Corbyn will not even need to lift his rear off his threadbare sofa to do just that. 

Look to the local elections, activists who will not activate. Doorsteps have become Conservative no go zones. Funds are withheld on the basis of why throw money after bad. The Conservatives are doomed for this was not a week in politics, this was several years in the making.

I'm sorry to say, I for one held Boris and Jacob in high esteem, that was until they supported May's deal.  This was a mistake that will come back to haunt you. I realize your intentions were well-founded that you saw a risk to Brexit, but Brexit will happen. Maybe the Blair's will overturn the will of the “stupid 17.4 M people of which I am one. But, Brexit will happen. 

What leader would sit by and allow a predecessor to undermine her to the extent that Blair has. Another blatant example as to how weak we have become when a person of some considerable notoriety can undermine the government with impunity. Blair should stand trial for war crimes, Churchill nor Thatcher would have allowed this.

Our standing whether obvious or not has been weakened under your leadership. You have given hope to every despot intent on human rights violations across the globe. You have destroyed our great legal system. A beacon, a bastion of our rich fair history. You are casting aside our principles our integrity as though it was a discarded Mars bar wrapper. 

Stand aside, lets us try to bring stability to the UK, restore the Great. But I fear the conservatives are but a foot note in history. The party that brought and failed to bring authoritarian leadership to the UK. 

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