Friday, 12 April 2019

Our Government Is Abusing Its Powers

An Australian whom I had dinner with last night, asked me a simple question and then explained his reasons. Given the basis that perception is reality we should really take note and put an end to these disjointed loner type behaviours emanating from our British Parliament. However, I digress the question was simple “Am I not ashamed to be British at this time?” He went on to explain, “ the global economy is slowing and as the 5th largest economy you have to play your part to move growth forward, but you're not instead you are destroying democracy and bringing the acceptance of Authoritarian rule”. It is difficult to defend the indefensible.

Philip Hammond attending the IMF conference in New York. Explains this as we are again leading the world in lessons on democracy, he claims we are a bastion of democracy and this is what a democracy does. The world should take note for we are the best at it. He went on to say we must now put Brexit behind us and move onto other government issues. Well hear hear to that. However, as a guess this was code for, we must bury Brexit now once and for all.  He then said that politics is always like this and in one year this will be all forgotten assuming the conservatives will waltz the next election. 

  1. This not democracy in action, this is a battle of democracy over unabashed authoritarianism. Democracy is about representing your constituents, it's about representing the people of Great Britain. You Mr Hammond are doing neither. 
  2. I agree we must move on, but to do this you and others in government must truly leave the EU.
  3. This in time will be forgotten, but, I fear Mr Hammond this may take 10 years, you are deluding yourself if you think you can bring authoritarianism to the shores of the United Kingdom and expect it to be forgotten. Particularly when you represent only vested interests and damn the rest of the Great British people.

We are where we are because you and others will not accept democracy, this is unacceptable. I suspect there's a lot about our role in the EU that is illegal under the rules of the Magna Carta along with other rulings centuries later, but more on that in another article. 

Many people believe as I did that we were given an option by way of referendum on joining the EU. This is not the case we joined in 1973. We were given the option through a referendum to leave in 1975.

  1. Prior to joining a poll was taken where the British people overwhelmingly reject to join.  Ted Heath was asked after our membership had passed why did he not seek a mandate from the British people. His answer “Because the British people would have said no”.  Not only did he run roughshod over us he deceived Parliament.  Informing the house that it was a simple trading block with shared ideas. What he failed to explain was the “Werner report” produced in the late 60s this report was the basis of the EU today. Within this report it is outlined exactly what the EU was and what was intended. Loss of Sovereignty was always on the agenda, it was expected to be handed to the EU. Verhofstadt is absolutely right to insist member states surrender more Sovereignty it is in the EU constitution since the beginning. 
  2. In 1975, we did indeed elect to stay in the EU, by a resounding 64% but on a turnout considerably less than we had in 2016. It is important to remember; the 1970s were our darkest decade for they ushered in the Soviet funded unions intent on disrupting manufacturing in this country. Strikes were seen everywhere, violence was on the streets, picket lines made use of flying pickets, which meant any radical could join and strike group. Three day weeks, power outages, TV was shut down. Cold dark nights were indeed the norm.

Is our membership legal? And was the surrender of our sovereignty legal? Here the argument becomes quite fuzzy.

  1. The magna Carta throws doubt on this! 
  2. In 1530 a group of Lords wrote very clearly to the then pope Clemence requesting the annulment of Henry the Eighths marriage. The letter was signed by MPs as well as the Arch Bishop of Canterbury. Within the letter they claim: they will apply under UK  law extreme remedies to split with the Catholic church. The letter was a three-foot wide parchment with 18 wax seals. Effectively this document was our first foray as a brexiteer, making Henry an eminent brexiteer, and of course we are aware of the outcome and no evil has fallen on us.
  3. In 1689 came the English bill of rights again throwing doubt on the legality of a foreign power holding dominion over the UK. Within this document it is clear: No foreign Prince, Person, Prelate, state nor potentate can rule over England. I will explain more in a later post, but this raises the question is membership legal? Click Here

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