Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Macron endangers the EU! More so than Brexit

Dear Monsieur Macron

You really do appear a devious character. Your new plan to isolate the eastern states is nothing other than subterfuge. It is you trying to play with the big boys and girls. Let's be clear you win no friends from anywhere you go.  After the meeting in No. 10 you called British Industry, City of London to relocate to Paris. This you did from the steps of Downing Street with our bastion of pride the famous door as your backdrop. 

Your call to the EU to isolate the eastern states is a farce. It is a plan to keep France within the core of mainstream Europe.

Monsieur Macron, your economy is in trouble, your unemployment is too high 9.1%, your labour laws are archaic.  Your destiny is to slip from mainstream Europe and join with the Latin neighbours to your south.  

Strike 1. 

Taken from the Independent Feb 2017

“The 39-year-old centrist candidate stood on the steps of Downing Street vowed to lure bankers and talented professionals from Britain as he warned that the future of Franco-British relations was at stake. Mr Macron said he would push for an unbreakable "Franco-German position" to defend the collective interests of the EU, presumably to prevent the UK trying to do individual deals with EU members as talks drag on.”

Ben Harris-Quinney, Chairman of the Bow Group, the oldest Conservative think tank, came down hard on Mr Macron’s remarks.

  • He said: “Emmanuel Macron is neither a Conservative nor an office holder in France.
  • “He has no business in insulting Britain on Downing Street.
  • “Why he was invited is a question for the Prime Minister, but he has abused the hospitality shown to him".
  • “He has made many powerful enemies in his short and ill advised trip".
  • “Iain Duncan-Smith is right, he is in the same fantasy world as Hollande if he thinks any financiers will be moving from Britain to France.”

Strike 2.

The difficult relations with Italy, recalling the French Ambassador. The last time this was done in 1940 a prelude to war.

France and its president carry their share of guilt for the deteriorated relations. It was Macron who first targeted the Italian government’s migrant policy as “inhumane” and lashed at the “nationalist leprosy” spreading across Europe. His “Macron's” government’s decision to close its borders to migrants has created bottlenecks in northern Italy and exposed it to accusations of cynicism and duplicity. Cross-border incursions by French police seeking to stop migrants in the Alps have enraged Italy. 

Above all, Macron has relished the confrontation with Europe’s populists, from Italy’s Salvini to Hungary’s Viktor Orban, perhaps just as much as they have.

“President Macron sees those anti-establishment figures as ideal targets – but the opposite is also true,” Jan Zielonka, a professor of European politics at the University of Oxford, told FRANCE 24, noting that the French president “represents the liberal establishment they detest so much”.

Zielonka said France’s decision to recall its ambassador would hand the Italian government “an opportunity to score points ahead of the European elections”, describing the move as “unprecedented, even exaggerated”.

Strike 3

If anything were guaranteed to salve a bruised faith in human nature, it is the video of the dramatic rescue of a baby in Paris. Mamoudou Gassama, a 22-year-old “sans papiers”, or undocumented migrant, from Mali, saw a lone toddler dangling from a fourth-floor balcony in the 18th arrondissement, and climbed up the outside of the building to save him, while onlookers cheered. The exploit made him famous as the “Spider-Man of the 18th”, and yesterday he went to the Elysée Palace to meet Emmanuel Macron. Awarding Gassama a medal for bravery, the president told him he would be immediately naturalised as a French citizen, and given a job with the Paris firefighters.

Macron, however, himself highlighted the contrast with France’s usual policy towards migrants. “We can’t just give papers to everyone who comes from Mali, from Burkina,” Le Parisien reported Macron as telling Gassama. “We’ll grant them asylum if they’re in danger, but not for economic reasons. But you did something exceptional. Even if you didn’t think about it, it’s an act of bravery and strength that has drawn everyone’s admiration.” It’s hard to say if Macron really intended the tone of patrician condescension to the noble savage from the former colony, but he made his general point very clear in the press conference afterwards: “An exceptional act doesn’t change politics.”

It's time Mummy taught this guy some humility.

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