Monday, 11 March 2019

Millennials are a creative asset that need retaining.

Today, I will drop the subject of Brexit, revert again tomorrow prior to the vote on Mrs May deal.  Let's focus today on a subject close to my heart. A cohesive cooperative work environment void of unnecessary stress.

Historically workplace environments have been built around numerical performance of individuals. Creating a tier of managers unable to motivate or lead their teams to greater success. This is creating frustration, to say the least which is filling our Doctors surgeries making for poor performing companies.

Recently, I have been asked to appraise a subject which is very close to a period in my life which shaped my life.  Throughout my career I have been lucky enough to participate in many training programmes.  In my early years these were Xerox based programmes, in my middle career AT&T, they entered me into a program that involved considerable US based business alongside technical training. There was one course in particular that shaped my career, giving me the success to move my career forward. To grow in an organization but all the time mindful as to a company's greatest asset its people.  An enabler if you like to build cohesive non-political teams that were motivated by a collective consensus. A positive environment that made winning a motivational fun experience.

The issue that we have today makes the need for such a programme perhaps more critical. Not because we are not team players, although that does give me cause for concern, but because Millennials are becoming increasingly important in an organization. Millennials as I have written before operate on a whole new level of self-reliance, they bring considerable creativity to an organization. However, they also bring an independence which can be difficult to focus. In some societies such as Indonesia the demographics have shifted towards Millennials as they make up 70% of employees. For this reason a programme such as the one I attended has even more value in forming, bringing collective responsibility forming friendship teams who will support each other.  But, this is more difficult as the traditional courses are lengthy and could by today's dynamic standard be tedious, interest would wane.

I therefore, welcomed the opportunity to appraise a new way of inspiring a winning focus.  This is a course built around “Winning Thinking”. It is a programme which embraces technology, it is concise, graphically inspiring which plays to the creativity of the Millennial generation. This programme can easily be referred to, assimilate with, drive individual and collective participation. This in turn drives a higher level of involved friendships engaged in a more networked success.

I would encourage many individuals at all levels to take a look at this programme because like me it will shape your life entirely. Bringing balance where balance is due, bringing responsibility through consensus, motivation through collective responsibility.

The programme can be viewed through the web, inspiration will follow as it did with me. The Winning Thinking® process immediately breaks through strategic barriers, enhances cognitive processing, measures and transforms culture and creates unimaginable results.

My observations; having looked through the course online, is the content is imaginative, relatable, concise and informative.  All walks of life problems mark our path, often these are resolved over time.  But, in business time is no longer our friend, solutions need resolutions, nearly always these are best resolved in teams. Business problems often fit into what is known as "parato's law" the 80/20 rule, 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes, by this a solution must be found that addresses the 80%. Teams are often better placed to creatively formulate a solution. However, when forming teams certain rules need to apply in order that all parties participate with a free spirit. Solutions often appear through wacky suggestions, it is important not to add criteria. Winning thinking encourages just such a collective balance within the teams / friendship groups.

Dynamic nimble companies operate far better when company politics is replaced through mutual benefit and respect. Companies also perform more efficiently in a safe environment. There are always issues that arise that we have no knowledge of. It's important to recognize that good leaders always understand that, and hire accordingly.  Therefore, it is critical that the team operate in such a manner that issues are safe to bring to the attention of decision makers. As an example VW's brand has lasting damage due to the emissions scandal. What if individuals were aware of this and were safe to bring this to management or executive attention. The company could have acted differently, rather than the feigned damaging shock they displayed.

We are in a new dimension where time is of the essence.

If you have not yet experienced it “work life balance” plays an increasing important role in a Millennials life. It is therefore critical that we break the dogma that have plagued previous generations and build cohesive, to use a facebook term “friendship groups”.

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