Monday, 25 March 2019

Asia Networked For The Future.

As we the UK contemplate our navel, willingly break each other apart. Content for the EU over some ideological dream, to destroy hope for millions of Europeans as they fight to bring each other to the economic abyss. 

There is a whole new world emerging, taking shape, technology advanced, savvy, progressive, forming alliances and unions, cohesive partnerships that trade freely in a form of regional globalization. A part of the globe that has for over 50 years invested in a sociable manner to advance their neighbours fortunes.  I'm speaking of course of Asia North, South, East, West and Southeast. Not an ivory tower in sight, not one unelected bureaucrat in sight governing the collective. 

Growth has come through stability through neighbourly investment in waves as each has prospered. Wave 1 Japan and Korea funded the development for wave 2, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Together they funded wave 3, South and Southeast Asia. 

The significance of all of this is; wave 1 brought 250M people to an economic, technology-driven wave 2 At the time a little over 1Billion entered the economic cycle of life. Wave 3 opens the way for 2.5Billion.  Not a regulation in sight, no ideology harnessing individual creativity, just good old economics. 

As America looked inward, Europe went about oppressing its citizens Asia pushed on achieving phenomenal growth 10 times that of the US, 70 times that of the Eurozone. PWC claim four of the top five global economies will be Asian all technology-driven, by 2030 they will be Asian economies. They also claim the UK will overtake Germany as Germany falls victim to the EU dogma.

Asia’s home to evolving modernized cities, networked, technology sophisticated, advanced trading hubs from Tokyo, Ho Chi Min, Shanghai, Manila and Jakarta. Sophisticated trading metropolis' advancing, progressing as the west declines through their ineptitude, self serving elitism, infighting. Of course then we have Trump's America. 

The regions are further enhanced by establishing regional hubs, economic zones bringing together Asia  all its extremities, interacting on a wholesale level for distribution of product in a speedy manner. Interim goods destined for finishing in the territory of another sovereign nation, this works so easily, no regulation, no hands tied.  Austerity should it be needed is a sovereign choice not dictated by some faceless masters striking a pen through a nations budgets as if he is deciding between a Margaux or Saint Émilion discarding a perfectly rounded Shiraz at a fraction of the cost.

One's youth is the responsibility of the nation, one’s salaries are paid as the market forces evolve, not squirrelled away by Corporate elites. 

Nine of the Ten busiest interconnecting flight connections worldwide are in Asia, only adding flights from Asia to New York, Toronto play their part in all ten. All across Asia, Asia is Asian the prominent investors are also the largest investors in Asia's success, as Wee Kee Hwee, Jaya Prakash Pradhan, Marie Cecilia Salta attest to in their book The Future Is Asian. India has investors from across Asia, Singapore leads the pack globally with a $14B per year investment. China has invested in Telecoms, Power plants, infrastructure and other areas. Asia helps Asia!

Funds in Beijing and Shanghai are sitting on tens of billions of dollars. They have been mandated to invest in their neighbour’s high-potential sectors from infrastructure and commodities to banks and telecoms. From Pakistan to the Philippines, China is laying down fiber-optic cables and setting up 5G mobile phone operators for giving data, communication access to hundreds of millions of people.

Many of the world’s biggest engineering, procurement, and construction companies are from Asia, they control substantial assets they are from China, South Korea, Japan, India, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia, and all of them want to build across Asia’s rugged extensive borders.

Look to the future. The future is Asian.

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