Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Brexit - Treachery!

Dear Mrs May

How can you allow Mr Blair to undermine this great nation to the extent that he is?  He is advising Macron on how to thwart the referendum result, two devious characters aligned in my opinion.  I am pleased that Mrs Merkel is having no part of this. He and Dominic Grieve are doing their best to undermine the British people, undermine the United Kingdom. This is shocking to the extreme!

Mrs May you appear but a shadow of our great leaders. You should act, have Blair curtailed. This is absurd who does he think he is? At least Lord Haw Haw was American.

As for these negotiations they for sure will not be binding.

An appendix doesn't add any new contract terms, which are enforceable provisions in the contract, or change the parties' obligations in the contract. However, an addendum to a contract is an addition to a contract that is a separate agreement and that can alter a contract.

Are you so desperate that you are prepared to sink us all? Either you have a deal or you don't have a deal.  Jean Claude Junker has now dismissed your optimism, denying that you have reached a settlement to the Irish backstop within the withdrawal agreement. Seriously, what is best endeavour? What does that even mean? Incidentally this is only one issue with the withdrawal agreement, Article 4 needs attention otherwise we will be under the ECJ in perpetuity.  This really is a dreadful deal.  You remind me of a rookie sales guy desperate to ingratiate with your bosses, you believe everything as the gospel. 

Mrs May your words are reflecting in the markets the £ is moving like a yo-yo.  
You're a bright lady Mrs May, so I ask are you or your kin speculating here?

Mrs May your credibility is shot to pieces, why do you insist on doing more harm?  The UK has a rich heritage, a noble past capable of honourable leadership in a complex world.  You Mrs May are making us appear as a banana republic, please step aside for the sake of our history, call an election if you must. 

In 1975 our Queen removed a sitting PM, I feel we are at that juncture yet again.  Gouth Whitlam was sacked as the PM of Australia with Malcolm Fraser installed as an interim PM. My guess the only reason that has not happened here is the alternative Corbyn would be the worst choice even worse than you. Right now we need a change, before UK PLC sinks out of sight.

Boris Johnson makes a good point, the EU has paid lip service to us for decades 90% of the decision which we oppose have passed. We are seen as the unruly child who needs to be contained. You Mrs May are perpetuating this.  Please grow a backbone and walk away, they are making you look like a petulant child. 

They export more to us than we to them.  In fact WTO countries have a better export record to the EU than we do. Our economy since 2008 has grown substantially more than the Eurozone. Fact the UK has done better than Germany.

Philip Hammond is a handicap to this government! He should be showing the way forward, he should have plans in place that support your/our endeavours with the EU. He should show how we will lead the world with free trade. We should give a tax structure that supports further investment and competes, we are already attracting investment at a greater rate than the US beaten only by China.  We are taking European investment from organizations who believe in Great Britain.

Our issues are not Brexit our issues are simply put, you, and this autocratic government who represent no one other than themselves. 

I'm ashamed of our government, I am ashamed of the devious clearly corrupt behaviour to obstruct the negotiation, I am ashamed of the expenses scandals, but above all I am ashamed of the devious behaviour of those that have frequently briefed the EU.

Mr Junker has undermined you yet again. The £ has already lost ground since you spoke. Junker's platitudes on how we have a second chance is just patronising to this great nation. I will await the review by our Attorney General Geoffrey Cox. But,  I'm not holding my breath.

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