Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Brexit - Say No To More Delays. Just Leave on WTO

I am not surprised in the slightest this deal was rejected. It was just flowery words around the original, a new jacket for the wolf.  But where does this leave us?

1. I read the term a hard brexit or a soft brexit, use these terms if you must, but, I prefer the term remain which is what a soft brexit has morphed into or leave on WTO.  In fact, I would even argue the reverse a hard brexit would indeed be to remain.

  • The EU has failed its southern states, youth unemployment is as high as 30%. 
  • The Eurozone has managed a 2% growth over a 10year period.
  • Salaries, real time earnings in the EU have seen the lowest increases compared to those countries outside the eurozone.
  • Regulation is destroying business, only 10% of our GDP comes from Europe. Yet we apply regulation to the 100%. This is a substantial burden!

2. Delay Brexit! For what Reason? So we can continue to pay billions into EU’s unaudited accounts where billions are unaccounted for.  As Margaret Thatcher once said on referring to charitable donations to a crisis in Africa, “This is poor people giving rich people money”. What would be achieved and what do we risk?

  • We risk the same as we've had for the last 2.5 years. Confusion, chaos, uncertainty and an opportunity for remainers to be right.  Our economy will tank, not because of brexit but because of lack of clarity, political infighting, a disconnected government. The tail is wagging the dog and its not even the people's dog.
  • So you delay, but you've voted to take no deal off the table. Where does that leave us? Trapped in the EU as per Blair's et al. wishes.
  • Subject to regulation, under more control of the EU as the threat of leaving could never be realized again. A European army to quell dissension within a member state who dares autonomy. Look to Catalonia the EU stood by and watched the violence to so called EU citizens.
  • Mikeal Gorbachev once said “the EU is the Soviet Union in western clothes”.

3. WTO rules, but then a new set of issue kick in:

  • Philip Hammond, he must now demonstrate our willingness, preparations to become a low tax competitive environment based on competitive regulations unlike those placed on us from the EU. We are already experiencing an influx of investment 2nd only to China. Bolster the city of London as it is already the premier Euro clearing house, this will not be challenged.
  • Quickly form a relationship with America, China, Indonesia, Japan and India. Just to do one FTA would be a huge boost to the economy.

Perhaps, we should indeed seek advice from the USA on how we can seek retribution from Europe. This has been a mickey mouse negotiation, after all we own a proportion of the assets.

In a recent survey organized by Reuters through their “Convene App” they came down in favour of recommending the UK push for a tax haven status.  David Goldberg QC defined what he considered our status should be.  He concentrated on two features; taxing only income which arises within its own border and that the tax system is clear, concise, easy to operate and can be seen to balance the rights and obligations of the citizens and the state.

In fact, he went further to claim our membership has blighted our integrity.
“It used to be possible to an English common lawyer to go abroad, knowing that he or she came from a country which created the finest legal system the world has ever seen and gave it the guiding principles of the rule of law. We could be proud to fly our flag. Now it is stained by the sins against those beacon lights which are committed presently and most clearly by our tax system and which bring with them the risk of infecting other areas of law…”

– David Goldberg, QC, Gray’s Inn.

I will leave this note here otherwise the blog is too long. I will say that I maintain a belief that we are exactly where remainers want us to be. I will also go so far as to say that we are where Mrs May intended. She will align against no deal and then push to remain but first delay. This is indeed a muddle and an election is needed new MPs elected who represent their constituents if only for this to be completed. I'm sure when we are settled we won't notice their return to self-serving.

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