Sunday, 24 February 2019

Brexit - Feb 25th Delay really Why? Blair's A Brexiteer

Several headlines captured me this morning. That's my morning as l’m slightly North of Australia.  The one that concerns me the most is of course the possibility of delaying Brexit. Another which is of significance was an article I read on Linkedin. The article referred to the businesses that are struggling due to uncertainty.  They just need that we get on with it and leave, if it's no deal they can plan accordingly.  As I've pointed out in previous papers that I've written, 90% of our manufactured goods go outside of the EU (88% directly out with a further 2% entering the EU and then leaving via Rotterdam), yet we have to apply EU regulation across the board.

The terms that we will trade on need to be clarified and planned accordingly.  The MPs that are frustrating this process are no friend of the British people and should be removed. We are now at a point where a further delay is unacceptable.  With an oncoming recession this could do irretrievable harm to corporate UK.  The EU has been a sick segment of the world for far too long. Their collective growth since 2008 have been poor to say the least, they, the Euro zone have averaged a little over 2% in 9 years. The UK 8.8%, the USA 14.4%. If you show Germany they are at 7.6%, France 4.6%, Greece minus 27%.

Our exports to the EU have underperformed the exports from WTO countries. Businesses need clarity. Are we in are we out? To delay just drops a fog over the British Isles and the United Kingdom.  Soon the remainers will have their way and be able to prove Brexit will have damaged the economy. Yet it's not Brexit that will damage it, it is they! We are where the remainers want us to be! We should have no patience with this.

I also read an article in the Daily Telegraph written by Boris. He refers to the labels that are applied to us Brexiteers. Zealots, Xenophobic, Racist and so on.  That somehow unless you're right wing with fascists tendencies you would want to remain in the EU. Boris makes an excellent point that Tony Blair was a fervent Brexiteer (Although my gut tells me that was him telling us what we wanted to hear in order that he gets his way winning the highest office in the land.  It is also not beyond the realm of being possible that he is angling for Junker's job, but of course we have to remain.  History will go full circle!). But, nonetheless Boris refers to many other lefties that have expressed dis-satisfaction with the EU.

I for one can not be labelled in such terms.  My business is in Asia, it focuses on Indonesia in particular. I stand ready to support Corporate UK to establish a presence in the soon to be 5th largest economy. Who, incidentally trades with the EU on WTO. My wife is a legal and financial expert, and she is Asian. My partners are Asian some are mixed and from many religious beliefs. To label Brexiteers this way is to do the UK an injustice, it is also an insult to our seafaring ancestry.

The facts are clear, regulation is absurd. Tariffs are ridiculous 50% on some dairy products, 30% on others reducing to 18% in some cases.  This is a tax on the people of the UK. It is a tax that benefits Europe and not us Brits!

Leave, and do it on March the 29th at 11pm. Take no nonsense from these vested self interested politician's. A delay is appalling behaviour.

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