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Indonesia the road to prosperity and rail and sea and air

The Investment Opportunities of the 21st Century

Indonesia a South East Asian nation of many picturesque Islands consisting of thousands of active volcanoes.  Home to many cultures, many languages as well as varying religious doctrines which are dominantly devout.

Indonesia is famous for beaches, sun, surf and vast jungles. Jungles of which are rich in themselves; sheltering Elephants, Tigers, Komodo Dragons etc..  Indonesia is steeped in traditions; mythology, legends, gods which grace us with their mysterious presence by wandering this vast archipelago. magic, Susuk (the most powerful charm needles in Indonesia), potions, healing powers, spiritual enlightenment, yoga, spas and sensual massage are freely practiced often in sumptuous surroundings.  

Java Indonesia' main island plays host to Indonesia's capital Jakarta, by all accounts a sprawling modern metropolis of rich with opportunity, activity as well as providing a breath taking journey of adventure.  Indonesia a nation that until 70 years ago was colonized by the early Dutch settlers.  Monuments, museums, statues and icons depicting their struggle for independence. 

Yet I romanticize this vast archipelago, which if placed on Europe would stretch from London to Tehran.  
  • 250M people and growing, a burgeoning middle class which is vastly increasing, 
  • 2006 6M households were deemed middle class, 
  • 2015, 13M households
  • By 2020 this is expected to reach 30M families.
Jakarta Skyline
Indonesia is today the growth story of the world, vast potential as this archipelago modernizes, bringing wealth, expansion, hope, prosperity through employment to the far flung reaches of this vast volcanic set of fiefdoms.

Tenders are out, projects are defined:
  • Road expansions, new tolls, highways and municipal byways are defined, set out in ink by the planners of this nation.  
  • Water is in focus, dams are defined, reservoirs mapped and waste will be efficiently managed.  
  • Power plants are abound, designed to be environmentally friendly driven by HSD (High Speed Diesel), Marine fuels as well as LPgas.  Bali has recently introduced a new power plant design as specified above.  This Power station produces 200Megawatts of clean energy full filling the needs of a Paradise (Paradise being the Bali brand) on earth. 
  • New Power Station Bali
  • Sea Ports, deeper, bigger, more mechanized, further linking this vast archipelago, bringing economies of scale (Today a bag of cement in Java costs $4 in Papua $12 approx).
Investors are encouraged to participate! This is not a public exercise more the expectation that the private sector will participate.  A sector that will assimilate with the once in a life time opportunities that are available in one location.  Participation is mandatory as we recognize the world is already saturated with such modern services.

Telecoms are strong, mobile networks utilize state of the art technology, 4G roll out has been defined. Braodband and Satellite Internet providers are in abundance which care for the Internet speed requirements.

Factories will flourish the middle classes will upgrade. Luxury brands will be adorned.  Brands long being the staple of success for an Asian to show their wealth.
Sea Ports in Jakarta

This country is undergoing a renaissance, it is blessed with an honest government which has emerged from a history of Cronyism, graft and self serving.   The government of Joko Widodo has embarked on ambitious project to weed out the archaic self serving elements.  The Governor of Jakarta  a man of equal stature to that of the President, a man who shares the same values and aspirations of Indonesia has indeed made significant inroads and successes curtail the historic poor governance.  Rivers are clean, Shanti towns are cleared municipal homes with modern facilities are provided for previous destitute residents.

Regulations have been relaxed, land acquisition laws have been drafted, submitted and passed through the government unhindered. 

The risks are of course there but where would we be without risks.  It is the entrepreneur that thrives in such an environment, grasping perhaps in this case the low hanging fruit as this nation emerges from what we would call the dark ages.

Early Adopters:

New Airport Toll Road Bali
China Railway Construction Corporation signed an agreement to invest in the 30-kilometer Sunda Strait Bridge project linking the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Java. And last year, Japan’s J-Power consortium won the bidding to build a new power plant in Central Java, which would provide electricity for 8 million people by 2016. 

An eminent quote: 

"The progress in infrastructure development in the last two years has been much better than expected,” says Shobana Venkataraman, IFC Principal Investment Officer. “Indonesia’s economy has improved and its sovereign rating has been upgraded to investment grade, making infrastructure investments more attractive to investors and lenders."

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