Sunday, 20 September 2015

Is the world headed for choppy waters.

Forget Oil, forget gold, forget copper in fact throw the commodities rule book away.  What is the last resource you could ever imagine that would be in short supply? Is it:

Rare earth metal- nope
Gold, Silver - nope
Oil - nope

Whatever you might think it's not the regular items that are traded on the commodities indexes of the world.  So significant is the shortage of this fundamental resource that the world, as a good friend of mine indicated, may even go to war for it.

The answer is staring us all in the face; it is clean fresh water.  Fresh water is fast becoming extinct!  All over the world's underground aquifers have been depleted at a rate that is no longer sustainable.  California, specifically the USA more generally, France, China, India have all passed their points of no return.  Storage which has taken thousands of years to build are being depleted at an alarming rate. Indeed, the world has 37 large aquifers, 21 are now beyond their point of sustainability, 13 of which are at critical levels.

Water is consumed at significant rates to grow crops to allow us to continue our ever increasing expansion. Deforestation has changed our weather patterns, our oceans through pollution have dead spots.   In short our behaviour will ultimately be our undoing.

Oddly, our orbiting satellites are experiencing periods of lower gravitational pull as the aquifers which are heavier than air, are drained.

Why is this, water has no place to go, surely there is the same quantities here now that were here 10,000 years ago, the earth cannot simply have sprung a leak?  I guess the answer is simple, we consume more, we waste more and we spread it around more, indeed mining practices in western Australia have significantly depleted the Canning basin aquifer. California's central valley aquifer is in serious trouble as it has been drained to irrigate farmlands.

Continents are becoming drier, oceans are becoming fuller, icebergs are melting weather patterns are changing.

Israel and Jordon are seeing the dead sea recede by 1metre a year. This depletion has gone on for some 25years.  In doing this underground fresh water aquifer along the coast are receding at the same rate.  In addition to salt deposits are eroding the ground and 60 foot sink holes are appearing swallowing up prime arable lands.

Should we be worried, yes of course we should, we urgently need debate we urgently need action and above all we urgently need a cohesive strategy.  Perhaps it's time to curtail the ever increasing population and bring the planet back to sustainable levels.  This may in itself open up a religious debate, but get real.

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