Thursday, 24 September 2015

The Future is Now

In line with my company mandate, mission statement, whatever glorious techno phrase we like to use to dress up as a soundbite to captivate potential clients.  So here goes my "Elevator Pitch" being English we know it as a "lift".  However I digress as we hypothetically pass 2 floors so not a good start, I'm assuming we're in Petronas towers so plenty of space.

The world needs a Paradigm shift pretty much as when we arrived at the aircraft age or CAD/CAM even mobile telephony.

Here are my thoughts:
  1. Robotics
  2. UDT (Undersea Defense Technology)
  3. Bio Technology
Perhaps we are not as in need of of ideas as we thought.  These Industries appear to be at a point of substantial growth.  Growth that may lead to Jobs, Innovation, creativity that satisfies the adventurer in us all.

Let's deal briefly with the 1st point as we have all seen the examples of Robotics installing, spray painting cars and such like.  We've seen the marketing that show robotic arms looking perplexed and lost as they make sense of the advertisement caption of which they are portrayed.

But imagine:
  • As we move into our dotage and our lives once active are no longer able to perform the many tasks required just to bring basic hygiene.
  • Hotels where the check in staff are well groomed individuals with looks that we all aspire to.
  • Care homes where staff are on hand with the strength of Sampson assisting baths, moving beds plus other such heavy lifting activities.
  • Exo-skeletons. transforming each of us into superhuman beings available to perform far above our capabilities in areas such as:
    • Warfare
    • Firefighting
    • Construction
    • Removals
    • Care Homes
      • The list is endless.
Let me throw another area into the mix, UDT (Undersea Defense Technology).  Over recent years there has been a little publicized but major shift in our capabilities: 
  • Deployments of Submarines, 
  • Spatial capabilities, 
  • Airborne Lasar scanning systems, 
  • Unmanned undersea systems, 
  • Marine Renewable Energy mix for hybrid power generation
  • Under water tourism (after all few of us have ventured further than a snorkel)
  • Sea floor mapping and sonar systems
    •  To name but a few
Underwater warfare is moving East bringing with it a need for defense systems, tracking devices and Mine technology.

Third area which is gathering momentum is of course Bio Technology which is a subject in its own right and for another day and time.

What I have captured here is just the essence of the few opportunities that are abound and ready to be seized upon for the intrepid Entrepreneur, (Pengusaha to use an Indonesian term as much of this will evolve for I'm sure off the coast of Indonesia)..

Statura will continue to drone on about better Leadership, greater understanding of the myriad of procedures surrounding proper governance of companies, people skills and projects.

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