Friday, 11 September 2015

Corruption versus Radicalisation

Some years ago I read an article which accompanied a podcast commentary by Fuller Money.  By all accounts a remarkable man, economist & visionary. y. 

Fuller predicted that the world would experience a growth the likes of which would have not been seen before.  In theory, he is right, the statistics alone prove this theory out.
  • Population 1950 2.5Billion, Population today 7.5Billion, Population projected 2050 11.5Billion.
  • Population expansion has predominantly been within the Asia Pacific region, where half the world's population resides.  Although China is expected to stagnate through 2050 and remain at much the same level as of today.  India and South Asia on the other hand will near double its population.

Given over the last 20 years that we have seen wealth swiftly move around the globe, of which Asia has been a big beneficiary, why have we not seen the growth which has, was so eminently predicted. Particularly as so many families have the potential to move to the middle classes.

In my view and please don't categorize me as a socialist, capitalist or even, as a good Chinese friend of mine reminded; when I paid tribute to China's remarkable growth considering it is a communist country, he pointed out that such terms are from yesterdays era and don't belong in today's language.  I have to say, I think I see why he said that and to use such terms stigmatizes and prevents debate as to how best to move forward in these modern times.

Capitalism is, however, alive and kicking, but that too now belongs in the annals of an era past.  As one of Maggies children I embraced all that money and opportunity can offer.  So why; given that the world's population has and will continue to expand are we not experiencing and enjoying the explosive growth, particularly as human nature strives to better itself.

I offer my thoughts, theories backed in some way by statistics which will allow you the opportunity to consider my rationale.

For sure the wealth has flowed around; so where has it gone:

  • 8% of the world's population have 82% of the world's wealth.
  • By 2050 9Billion will share 18% of the world's funds and resources whilst 1.8Billion share 82%
However, I do not necessarily see this in itself as a debilitating factor in driving the world economy forward.  I do however see concerns with regard to another endemic unchecked virus which claims the lively hood of so many and it does this with impunity.  I refer to Corruption, Graft, Backhanders, Under the table gifts and favours.

Significant funds are spirited away robbing countries of hard earned cash, pushing inevitably the poor into oblivion. With the remainder reaching a state of apathy thus denying the world of its growth potential. However, please note; In the developing world armies of children lack the funds to achieve something other than an infant education.  Children are lacking the nutrition to develop their well being and consequently their intelligence.

My chart focuses on Asia as for me Asia has the biggest potential to drive the world forward and make it a better place  Instead money or life is at best extinguished by the rampant greed of so few.

Couple this with a more serious consequence; this is no longer about money, this is about masses of people who are disenfranchised. Young people and let's face it the world's population is predominantly below 30.  These children if you like are becoming radicalized, trained an spirited away, causing mayhem across the globe.  These people will undoubtedly return to their origin and will undoubtedly create chaos at home.

So all credit to David Cameron for raising this issue as it is in no one's interest to receive bribes and its in no one's interest to pay them no matter how it is dressed up.  Please do not consider this as an isolated issue as this is a global problem with global implications.

Please do not make the mistake of believing this is just a developing market issue this issue is across the globe.

I will leave you with another thought if I use antiquated terms then what you have is a progressive state.  That state being Capitalism will evolve into Communism and then to Anarchy.. So just how far along that curve are we?

Sobering thought look to the pages of for more inspiration.



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