Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Abusive Billionaires, Leaders.... The Manipulator Class

Is it any wonder as to why the populism that's sweeping the world is taking place.  Just look at the behaviour of the worlds elites, the billionaires, the corporate leaders and their attitudes.

1. Just this week we have Elon Musk tarnishing the name of a British hero.  A man through his choice who lives a life that suits his budget perhaps, is abused in the most vile way possible.  For he has been labelled a paedophile without proof of any kind.  Through Elon Musk wealth, his ability to grab the headlines he has distorted the truth whilst peddling unsubstantiated lies.  He has wrecked any elation this British hero should rightly saviour.  It is for his achievements that led to a glorious outcome, through his actions, his bravery, his knowledge that led to the beginning of a superb rescue of the team left stranded deep within a flood filled mountain.

Elon Musk be ashamed!

2. The same said about Brexit.  Airbus and BMW are susposedly called by their respective country leaders Macron and Merkel and told to peddle alarming, apocalyptic stories to the British people. It's abuse of power, just like Russia's meddling in election for they do the same. Obama "back of the queue" it's the elites flexing their muscle to intimidate us mere mortals.

Just leave the EU. The world waits with contracts from ascending powers!

The world is full of such people of such cases of such arrogant behaviour by elites who wish to lord it over us inorder to pursue their own goals and objectives.  Factories close, share holders are pleased but millions are thrown on the scrap heap. How often is the phrase used "This isn't personal it's business", like we are a self sufficient commodity robotic in our attitudes to life.  This behaviour is personal end of story!.

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